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The first free parking app.

We believe parking is already too expensive. Meet Parkd, the first free parking app in the Netherlands.
No transaction cost, or subscription.
Just park & relax.

How it works

Install & sign up in less than a minute!

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Just tap start and you’re ready to go!

No hassle of paying at a parking meter, via text, or expensive clunky mobile application.

Pay by the minute

No more running to a parking meter to add extra money when an appointment runs late.

Hooray, handy notifications!

Get free notifications to keep you informed about your current parking session.

Perfect for business

Easily flag your parking session as personal or business.


  • Subscription: €0,00
  • Registration fee: €0,00
  • Transaction cost: €0,00
  • Creditcard fee: 2%
  • Free Parkd app
  • Free notifications
  • Free invoice

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